Swaffham Prior C of E Primary School

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Policies set out the rationale and procedures for the management and leadership of the school, the children’s learning and health and safety. They reflect our school philosophy. The Diocese of Ely Multi-Academy Trust (DEMAT), staff and the Governing Body regularly review all policies. Overall responsibility of the implementation lies with the Head teacher, although subject co-ordinators lead reviews and curriculum monitoring.

Policies are available for parents to see and we have included the most relevant on the web site. Paper copies can be requested free of charge from the school office or by email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

All DEMAT schools are required to use the following policies which have been adopted and approved by our Local Governing Body. These have been personalised to our school by including here a statement of our vision:

At Swaffham Prior we want all children to learn within a safe, and peaceful community. Through broad and balanced experiences, we inspire wonder, encourage perseverance and individual growth. Our Christian values underpin our peaceful school where we work in partnership with families to nurture the whole child and instil compassion towards others providing a basis for a hopeful future.

For the following DEMAT policies please see their website:                            


or click on the link below:

Accessibility Policy

Adoption Leave Policy

Bullying and Harrassment Policy

Capability Policy

Code of Conduct Policy

Complaints Policy

DfE Satutory School Policies Sept 2014

Disciplinary Policy

Discretionary Leave Policy

Equalty and Diversity Policy

EYFS Policy

Flexible Working Policy

FOI Policy

Grievance Procedure

Managing Allegations Model Statement

Maternity Leave Policy

Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Policy

Online safety Policy

Paternity Leave (Adoption) Policy

Paternity Leave (Birtht) Policy

Pay Policy

Probation Procedure

Recruitment Selection Policy

Safeguarding and Child Protection Statement

Sex and Relationship Policy

Shared Parental Leave (Adoption) Policy

Shared Parental Leave (Birth) Policy

Sickness absence Management Policy

Whistleblowing Policy

Click on the link below for our school policies:                                                         

Accessibility Plan 2019-2022

AntiBullying Policy

Attendance Policy

Attendance Policy A Guide For Parents

Behaviour Policy Sept 2019

Charging and Remissions Policy

Children Missing in Education Policy

Children Not Collected At The End Of The School Day Policy

Collective Worship Policy

Complaint Policy

COVID-19 Behaviour Policy Appendix

Curriculum Policy March 2019

Early Years Foundation Stage Policy

Exclusion Policy

Head Lice Guidance

Health And Safety Policy

Health And Safety Policy Statement

Intimate Care Policy

Marking Policy May 2019

Religious Education Policy May 2019

Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy 2016

Safeguarding And Child Protection Policy Statement 2016

Site Security Policy Sept 2019

Special Educational Needs Report 2018-2019

Special Educational Needs Policy June 2019 







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