Swaffham Prior C of E Primary School

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Our Intent

At Swaffham Prior, we provide pupils with a high-quality education in reading that will enable them to:

   • read widely across both fiction and non-fiction;
   • develop their knowledge of themselves and the world in which they live;
   • establish an appreciation and love of reading;
   • gain knowledge across the curriculum;
   • develop their comprehension skills.

It is our intention to ensure that, by the end of their primary education, all pupils are able to read fluently and with confidence.

Learning To Read At Swaffham Prior

Phonics is emphasised in the early teaching of reading at Swaffham Prior. This goes alongside listening to stories and rhymes to build a reportoire of familiar stories and a love of language as well as the teaching of common exception words and high frequency words to develop reading fluency. We currently use Storytime Phonics as our Phonics Scheme but will be introducing Sounds Write Phonics from September. 

For our early readers, we use phonically decodable books that are matched with their phonics learning. 

From Year 1 onwards, we teach reading as a whole class based on the Reading Reconsidered research. Each week we focus on key skills of understanding vocabulary, phonetic decoding, prosody and fluency,as well as comprehensions skills. 

Reading Information for Parents

Parents can support this 'reading journey' through regular reading at home. Reading to and with your child every evening for at least ten minutes can make a dramatic difference to their achievement within school.

A report from the Oxford University Press highlighted the importance of parents reading with their children, stating: 'Children who read outside of class are 13 times more likely to read above the expected level for their age'. The report also offers six tips for reading with your child at home, including:

  1. Make time to read - even ten minutes a day
  2. Choose different types of books
  3. Take turns to read
  4. Talk about the book- asking your child questions
  5. Pay attention to the language
  6. Enjoy reading

In order to support parents we have created a booklet which has a guide to phonics actions to aid recall and gives helpful strategies to help support you reading with your child at home. Please see below.


    A Reading Guide for Parents

    Suggested Books

    Check out the link below for lists of suggested books to read with your child.



    These lists also give 100 recommended books for each year group. More information can be found at thereaderteacher.com



    Download this file (Y6.pdf)Y6.pdf[ ]4475 kB
    Download this file (Y5.pdf)Y5.pdf[ ]4822 kB
    Download this file (Y4.pdf)Y4.pdf[ ]4858 kB
    Download this file (Y3.pdf)Y3.pdf[ ]5126 kB
    Download this file (Y2.pdf)Y2.pdf[ ]5791 kB
    Download this file (Y1.pdf)Y1.pdf[ ]9198 kB
    Download this file (Foundation Stage.pdf)Foundation Stage.pdf[ ]9683 kB